Natural language translation and transcription technologies can now enable x real-time conversation between speakers of mutually unintelligible languages. Such technologies also assist hearing-impaired speakers by providing real-time transcription. Currently, the transcribed or translated speech is typically displayed on a screen that is away from the speaker, e.g., on a hand-held device. Such type of display is not conducive to maintaining the eye-to-eye contact necessary for natural conversation. The techniques of this disclosure describe smart headgear that integrates a display capable of streaming transcribed or translated speech to a listener. The smart headgear integrates or interoperates with natural language processing hardware, microphones, and other necessary hardware and software such that, with the speaker’s permission, the display streams a transcription or translation of the speaker’s speech. In this manner, the interlocutors can maintain eye-to-eye contact during a conversation.

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Creative Commons License
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