The advent of mobile internet and the phenomenal growth of the use of smart phones has brought data onto the forefront, creating newer revenue streams for the operators. The data/Internet connection now needs to cater to diverse traffic, just as a city must manage the flow of various vehicles and pedestrians on its streets. In the data world, usage of data ranges across various applications like streaming-video, real time gaming, B2B & M2M applications. Such diverse customers often blame their operators for throttling data flows to the phones or computers. This causes significant delays and losses in data transmission. Any lapses of providing connectivity and continuity to network will create a large number of dissatisfied customers and unwarranted reduction of customer base. Network neutrality is an idea, that all operators should treat all data that travel over their networks fairly, without improper discrimination in favor of particular apps, sites or services. However it is a complex, controversial topic and is an important part of a free and open Internet. It aims at enabling access, choice, and transparency of Internet offerings, there by empowering users to benefit from full access to services, applications, and content available on the Internet. Implementing network neutrality legitimately without discrimination in favor of particular applications, sites or services have been a challenge faced by operators globally. This paper describes a Net Neutrality value pack using the Smart Profile Server (SPS). SPS is an enterprise application which forms the middleware to collect & analyze the network data to build and expose a data model having network traffic info w.r.t. session throughput, speed classification, page reloads etc. for a given customer/subscriber at a given time & location using the analytic database (DB). This data model can be either exposed as a REST [1] based interface as a smart profile view with fine grain access control or tied to 3rd party dashboard tools to act as a window to subscribers & regulation agencies to determine if the operator is truly net neutral.

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