The present disclosure describes systems and methods that can capture multiple images from multiple optical paths on a single image sensor. More particularly, the multiple optical paths can be directed to the single image sensor, and the image sensor can be partitioned into one or more separate regions to capture the multiple images. An assembly of optical path folding elements can be configured to select one or more images from the multiple optical paths, and allow the selected images to be imaged on a corresponding partitioned region of the single image sensor. The system can actuate the assembly of optical path folding elements to select one or more images to be captured and/or achieve optical image stabilization of the one or more captured images. Keywords associated with the present disclosure include: computing systems (e.g., smartphone, smartwatch, mobile phone, mobile computer, laptop, headset, wearabale); camera; augmented reality; virtual reality; image capture; optical path; folding element; optical image stabilization; image sensor.

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Creative Commons License
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