Generally, the present disclosure is directed to incrementally sharing resources, e.g., documents, media, etc., using machine-learned models. In particular, in some implementations, when the user provides permission to access user data, the systems and methods of the present disclosure can include or otherwise leverage one or more machine-learned models to suggest files on a device or in the cloud that a user can share based on documents or other media that the user has already shown intent to share.

Machine learning is used to determine resources, e.g., documents, media, links, etc., that have features with correlation with the resource the user has expressed an intent to share. Such documents, media, links, etc. are suggested to the user as additionally shareable resources. When the user provides consent to utilize data indicative of usage context, such context, e.g., the breadth of share (public, private, specific individual, etc.), device state, context of sharing, etc. may be used as inputs to the machine learning model to determine sharing suggestions.

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