An omni-directional catadioptric acquisition system (ODCA system) is provided to address the problem of producing real time, 360°, stereoscopic video of remote events for virtual reality (VR) viewing. The ODCA system is a video image-capture assembly that includes a cylinder with multiple apertures arranged around its circumference to admit light as the ODCA system rotates about a central axis. Inside the cylinder, there is a mirror on the left and right side of each aperture that reflects light rays into the cylinder from different angles. As the cylinder rotates, the light rays are admitted through the apertures and reflected from the two mirrors to a curved mirror in the center of the cylinder. This curved mirror directs the rays down through a catadioptric lens assembly, which focuses the rays onto another curved mirror near the bottom of the ODCA system. This second mirror reflects the rays to a set of line-scan image sensors arranged around the second mirror. The line-scan image sensors capture the rays for later reproduction as stereoscopic video.

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Creative Commons License
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